This Brand Leaves A Model’s Stretch Marks Untouched And The Internet Is ALL About It!

Consumers are praising retailers that are not airbrushing body ‘flaws’ and ‘imperfections’ on their models. Recently, a UK-based fashion retailer Boohoo featured a model in a swimsuit with visible stretch marks on her body. This image caught eye of a Facebook user, Cheryl Adele who wrote, “I find this so amazing! That even on a massive clothing brand like Boohoo they haven’t photoshopped away the models stretch marks! This is what girl power is all about! And every woman has imperfections. It shouldn’t be photoshopped away to give unrealistic expectations! Its what makes us who we are! Its reality.”

Images of women as portrayed in the media set unrealistic beauty expectations in the mind of viewers. Accepting women’s bodies as they are, brands such as Boohoo, Aerie and Zara now have ‘normal’ looking women showcase their clothing. In addition to adding plus-size and a maternity line, ASOS went a mile ahead in December and launched a ‘Make your Mark’ campaign. Such campaigns celebrate diversity in body sizes by not retouching the models for stretch marks, scars, back rolls, and other ‘imperfections’.

The consumers are all praise for labels encouraging a greater acceptance of women’s bodies. People are taking to Instagram, Facebook and Youtube to applaud these labels that encourage body positivity.

“I think it’s a fantastic idea to stop photoshop these images!”

“This is what girl power is all about! And every woman has imperfections.”

Aerie, a US-based lingerie retailer, noticed a rise in their sales ever since they stopped airbrushing their models, the Business Insider notes. Although there is progress to be made, this movement represents the start of a norm. Portrayal of women in their natural ‘flaws’ n all represents the change that has long been due in the fashion industry, and we are VERY here for it.

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