The Talent Show : A Pan India Fashion Contest For Models, Designers

It’s a perfect moment for the Indian models and designers to commit to the place they desire to be in. Judging by the nature of a forthcoming pan-India fashion contest, it’s only fair to say that this event will only shape their career ahead. The fashion contest will be held in 26 state capitals in the country with an aim to provide a start-up launch pad for the aspiring models and designers and conjure close to 150 brands of clothing line, the organisers said in Kolkata on Thursday.

The contest has a three layer scanning process that all contestants from all pockets of the country would have to go through. After filtering process, the final 150 would be groomed by leading fashion designer Manish Malhotra and other established names of the industry in Mumbai.

At the unveiling event of Elite Fashionista 2018, leading designer Sharbari Datta said, “Many of the modelling and designing students usually do not get an opportunity to perform at the national level. Such contests would provide them with the necessary exposure and training to perform as professionals in future.”

The organisers further added that the event would generate employment for around 500 fashion designers from different parts of India.


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