The Gen Next Designers To Know This Season

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The Gen Next Designers To Know This Season

Designer: Anvita Sharma.Asit Barik - Graduated from Instituto Marangoni Paris, the “masculine” design duo has honed their skills from their stint at Rick Owens. Their “gender-neutral,” collections are predominantly shaped with an understanding of “masculine,” that is sustainable and ethical. Though, the design duo stresses the need to push design visions for gender expression and identity and move away from the monochrome/minimal trends. A forward-thinking label, Two.Two is leading the way in genderless garments. For Summer/Resort ’18, the Delhi-based duo will present anti-fit silhouettes sourced from their understanding of agender. “Created using fabric waste, the raw thread work and applique embroideries showcased in our collection, is a play on the ideology of ‘perfection in imperfection’,” says Two.Two designers.

The Gen Next Designers To Know This Season
Bobo Calcutta

Designer: Ayushman Mitra- “Art is a way of life, make it your skin rather than hanging it on the wall.” A rebellion line from an unconventional artist, Ayshman Mitra is on the verge of breaking every stereotype with his rebel artwork mixed in an air of Calcutta chromosome. The aforementioned line is engraved on his Instagram account, inspired by the concept of one’s right to live and love freely. This core concept is well illustrated in his collection of garments that carry the trademark androgynous split face locking lips. “It is a very organic process, for a new collection there has to be new paintings.” His collection ranges from paintings and garments to sculpture and accessories.

The Gen Next Designers To Know This Season
Looms of Ladakh

Designer: Padma Raj Keshri - Padma Raj Keshri gets excited by the idea of using yak wool and pashmina, is a bit obsessed with manipulative knitting and weaving techniques and loves delving into the mysterious world of mythical beings and symbolism of Buddhist monastery. His motifs have the Gompas written all over it. He thinks young talents are now setting up their own style and are influencing the future of our wardrobe. “The kind of processes young designers are following these days are out of the box and focus towards the end user and targeting them with the right product is the key to success and growth. Currently, the industry is back to the basics and the challenge is what to offer in limited resources with the theory of Less is More,” the 26-year-old from Ara, Bihar told IANS.

The Gen Next Designers To Know This Season
Mohammad Mazhar

This 27-year-old designer from Saharanpur is an INIFD graduate who gained experience working under the stewardship of Abraham & Thakore and Priyanka Khosla. His LFW’s collections are inspired by “Dhobighat,” which aims to bring together different artisans who are indirectly driving the ethical fashion. “The idea for the collection came from the marking seeds/bhalwa that are used as a mark by dhobis to distinguish clothes. We used these marker seeds to develop a series of bhalwa prints,” said Mazhar who likes to influence his designs with the help of cotton, lawn, and malmal fabrics.

The Gen Next Designers To Know This Season
Helena Bajaj Larson

This 22-year-old designer is the daughter of an Indian painter (Sujata Bajaj) and a Norwegian linguistics professor. A graduate from the Parsons School of Design in New York, she developed her textile related skills through her internships (Rohit Gandhi and Rahul Khanna, Thakoon, Mary Katrantzou for embroidery) and workshops in India. Her collection reflects her likening towards the Khadi as her senior thesis was about the different artisan work across India or one could say a contemporary take on the crucial role of khadi. Apart from fashion apparel, she also explored the themes of home interiors and accessories. Her line includes geometric silhouettes created from silks, wool and cotton canvas. She was also a finalist for the HUGO BOSS Innovating Impact Competition.

Fashion industry gathers in Mumbai in January 2018 for the forthcoming edition of Lakmé  fashion week to see some experimental and envisioned work by 25th Gen Next designers who will trot out their new clothes on runways. 

Considered a great time for fashion press, this bi-annual ritual brings out the rare and best talents (Masaba Gupta, Rahul Mishra) who see fabrics with their definitive point of view. Come January, you meet the next crop of upcoming designers who are eyeing to penetrate the fashion business with their honed skills and take the course of a fashion show to a whole new level. Panache, experimental and masculinity are some words to describe these young group of designers who are about to change the shape of your future wardrobe. With Mumbai LFW starting from January 31, meet the 5 young designers who have been picked (out of 600 applicants) to showcase their labels in the Gen Next programme for Summer/Resort 2018. These designers are sure to apprendre the fashion world a thing or deux.


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