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Technology is taking over the industry and fashion industry is not far left behind. The IoT enabled wearables, new materials used for clothing are some of the new innovations that are slowly but gradually taking over the industry as fashion industry evolves and gets ready for the tech era. Fashgroupe explores the latest tech trends in fashion. Check out.


There are new challenges everyday ranging from driving through the city to fire-fighting (more of a professional hazard), the choice of clothes can keep us safe. When designers Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin got together, they created airbag for cyclists. How it works is, the neck – worn accessory opens up as a fully inflated airbag absorbing the impact. When not in use, the neck-worn looks ultra stylish.

The designer duo of Ashwin Rajan and Kevin Cannon have created frontline gloves, networked gloves for fire-fighters which allow them to communicate through simple hand gestures.


Fresh materials are becoming hard to procure and perhaps owing to the rising costs, they are also becoming less sustainable. There is so much existing stuff available that the need to recycle is now. Segrasegra , a Czech Republic startup which recycles used tyre tubes to create jackets, Shorts and T-Shirts.


Every time we walk, run or play sports or even when dance, the body movement generates energy which can be converted into electrical energy.  There are lot of startups working on innovations like using the clothes to capture the energy and then use the same to charge the phone battery, watch battery etc.

Designer Rafael Rozenkranz has built a jogging suit with an embedded MP3 player which purely runs on the energy produced during running.


Designer Andrew Schneider is developing Solar Bikini which is also high on glam appeal.

Design Student Mae Yokoyama has developed a solar panel necklace with an aim to turn “energy into beauty”.

Diffus, the design agency is working on Solar Powered Handbag. Diffus has wired 100 tiny solar panels as the outside look of the bag —enough to generate juice to power cellphone.

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