Jewellery Designer Dwiti Bhuwalka Talks Competition, Biggest Trends This Season

Pretios Jewellery Collection

Indian Jewellery designer Dwiti Bhuwalka started the label ‘Pretios’ as an attempt to showcase beautiful jewellery that is accessible to the modern day consumer. In combination with excellent craftsmanship, Pretios offers premium quality finesse that is unparalleled in the market. Dwiti believes in creating exquisite designs with a classical touch that is innate in the Indian civilization. Fashgroupe got in touch with her for an exclusive interview on how she is so exceptional at what she does. 

1. What inspired you to start your own jewellery brand?

The idea for starting my own jewellery brand was my desire to introduce affordable luxury in the jewellery segment. With the surge of destination weddings and travel overall, women needed an alternative to real jewellery. Pieces which they can easily carry abroad, are budget friendly, yet trendy and fashionable. Pretios bridges this gap between wanting to wear different and modern jewellery everyday to actually being able to do this. This void in the jewellery segment is what inspired me to launch my brand.

2. What is your favourite piece from the collection?

I have no favourite piece as such. Each piece of jewellery I create is precious to me. All the ornaments are elegantly created with pride and passion, but I have a soft corner for pearls so you will see a lot of pearls in my jewellery.

3. What are the biggest jewellery trends this season?

Biggest jewellery trend this season is the artistic use of big stones and colours. This distinctive style has gradually evolved as a fusion of detail with meticulous designing. Pretios creates adornments, which are Indian in their sensibility, yet international in their appeal. The brand uses a lot of colours and big stones as center pieces in its design which gives the pieces an air of refined luxury.

Dwiti Bhuwalka
Pretios Jewellery Collection
Silver with Swaroski, ring and earrings, from Pretios Jewellery Collection.
4. Jewellery designing can be a very competitive field. How do you cope with the pressure that might bring with itself?

Any field has competition. The same applies to jewellery. The basic idea is to keep reinventing yourself and to constantly think of giving something new to the client.

5. How does Pretios distinguish itself from other jewellery collections in the market?

Pretios distinguishes itself with the fine quality and finish it provides in all the jewellery pieces. We constantly try to adapt and evolve to come up with new design ideas for our customers. The brand’s USP lies in the exclusive designs and the premium quality of the finesse it provides. The collection has all silver handcrafted jewellery. Moreover, with the usage of a metal called Sterlium, Pretios ensures that each piece is scratch resistant, non tarnish and hypoallergenic.

6. Which celebrity has mastered the art of accessorizing in your opinion?

Internationally I think it is Blake lively who loves to accessorise and is one of the most known jewellery aficionado. She has unique sense of style and considers jewellery as an expression of her personality. In the Indian context, Sonam Kapoor loves her accessories and gives everyone style goals. She is undoubtedly the biggest style diva with a passion for jewellery which is quite evident from her various looks.

7. What advice would you give young professionals hoping to start a business in jewellery designing?

If you have to be in this line, you have to live and breathe jewellery. That’s the passion you need to be successful at what you do. You have to be hundred percent true to your work, having a basic idea of jewellery designing with a course in grading and assortment helps. But most importantly you have to be confident and bold enough to break the boundaries.

Indian Jewellery brand, Pretios, retails from it’s flagship store, located at Pretoria Street, Kolkata. You can visit their Facebook page to explore their latest jewellery designs.


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