Nyden: H&M Announces Launch Of New Millennial Mission

Swedish fashion giant H&M is leading the fashion conversation with its defining moments in high-street trends and engagement with millennials, who have largely been part of the social change, furthering brand’s appeal.

Tapping into the legions of its captive young audience, H&M has announced that it will launch a new affordable luxury line in early 2018. The new brand, Nyden (Swedish words for ‘new’ and ‘it’), will be led by Oscar Olsson, who has worked for the brand since 2013.

Nyden is aimed at style-conscious young millennials, making them a part of their movement, and will seek to distance itself from the mainstream. It will instead collaborate with selected ‘tribe leaders’, or influencers to co-create affordable clothing. The first of these collaborations will see the work on the brand’s inaugural menswear with tattoo artist Doctor Woo and Swedish actress Noomi Rapace.

While no fixed date for the launch has been announced but the clothing line will be available at brand’s online store and pop-up events. Nyden, is H&M’s latest effort to revitalise high-street trends, following the launch of its ‘modern-day market’, Arket.


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