Mitali Munjal: A Young Entrepreneur’s Success Story

Mitali Munjal is the young designer, founder and Managing Director of Suhanee Events Horizon from Chandigarh. Suhanee Event Horizon is a luxurious event showcasing latest beauty and lifestyle products of global and Indian fashion labels.

Life has thrown many lemons at Mitali since a very young age. She lost her father at the age of 14; her mother took charge of raising her and her elder brother. They motivated Mitali to remain focused in life. Mitali’s father was the head of one of the stores of Avon cosmetics in Punchkula. He was passionate about designing apparels and other works of art. After the death of her father, Avon cosmetics was led by Mitali’s mother who emerged as a leader in the areas of Chandigarh, Mohali and Punchkula.   

The team of three always carried a quintessential image of being responsible, hard working and fearless despite the problems in life. After grade 12, Mitali pursued her graduation in Bachelors in Computers. In the first year of her degree, she learned every nuance about exhibitions from one of the local exhibitors in town and started exhibiting in Punjab and Haryana. Her designing apparels were showcased by one of the leading fashion shows in Dubai and appreciated by many international designers. Mitali eventually decided to organize her own exhibitions and fashion shows.

Mitali took up a very creative idea of repurposing used dresses and sarees into stunning new outfits. This improved the efficiency of her exhibition. Since then, Mitali has grown into creating her own organised space where she calls high-end luxury brands. She started hosting exhibitions in Kisan Bhavan (Chandigarh) under the name ‘Global Fashion Lifestyle & Home Decor Exhibition.’ It turned out to be the most professional exhibitions in the city. Upon receiving immense positive accolades, she started to incline all her exhibitions in fine hotels in Ludhiana and other places.

Mitali’s turning point in life was when she came up with the unique concept of ‘Veer Di Veera’ – a brother sister fashion show to emphasize the pure bond between siblings. The concept was inspired from the bond between her and her brother. ‘Veer Di Veera’ is now one of the leading luxurious exhibitions in India.

Mitali munjal

Mitali’s success story is an inspiration for young entrepreneurs looking to start their own business venture.

“Opportunity does not always knock on the door. It is what you snatch and make the best out of it,” Mitali notes.

Veer Di Veera, a wedding and lifestyle exhibition, will be held on July 7th and 8th this year. Registration for the exhibition is still open. With the concept of a ‘Monsoon Wedding’, the event will showcase beauty products, wedding apparels, home décor, jewellery etc. by high-end luxury brands. 

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