Mini bags Priyanka Chopra is OBSESSED with This Season!

Priyanka chopra mini bag

PC’s favourite bag this season will (most certainly) break your bank! Lately we are noticing Priyanka Chopra carry these cute bags everywhere she goes. From Good Morning America to date nights with Nick Jonas – she is in love with these colourful, rich bags! The big question is – what are these bags and where can we get one?

The mini bag is from Stalvey, a luxury brand that creates timeless accessories in exotic animals skins such as alligators, lizards and ostrich. As you might have already guessed, these bags don’t come cheap. Depending on the style and skin, a Stalvey bag can range from Rs. 4 lakh to 15 lakh. Each bag is hand stitched and made in the USA. The bags are proofed using a water-resistant gloss and a custom 18-carat gold plating or platinum-dipped hardware.

Priyanka chopra stalvey

The brand, launched in 2014 by Jason Stalvey, is fairly new. Jason Stalvey, a physician, started this line when he himself realized a dearth of alligator skin goods.

Priyanka chopra stalvey

Priyanka chopra nick jonas

Our desi girl looks fabulous carrying these top handle luxury bags but PeeCee is not alone – the mini bag is a huge trend this season with Hollywood celebrities and supermodels such as Gigi Hadid being spotted carrying similar top handle mini bags. 

PC stalvey gigi

What are your thoughts on the mini bag trend this season? Let us know below!

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