Latique Launches their Latest Collection – Indus

A Statement collection inspired by rare ancient jewelry, patterns, and artifacts, personally designed by Latika Khanna, brought to life by master craftsmen, especially for you, the eternally stylish Latique Woman.

The Indus River is where our signature collection inspirationally flows from. An inspiration that Latique is proud and excited to translate into its signature, using gold, and precious stones to bring to life the jewelry that flows organically, synchronizing strong bold lines, and soft curves. This is precious, luxurious, wearable art that will enthrall you, and those around you. It is Latique’s homage to the traditional design, and techniques that have a rare divinity to them.

Latique’s Indus Collection is refreshingly unique in design and can be worn individually, as an elegant statement by the Latique woman, who is known for her unique aesthetic eye. Two or more pieces can also be worn as a combination, and in the most unusual ways for a high impact presence that complements your confident aura.

Thousands of years after they were first created by craftsmen who themselves were inspired by the river, the sun, the earth, the flora and fauna they saw, these designs still hold a stunningly modern appeal. It is a limited edition collection, with rare designs that are custom created for maximum comfort, and the designs are timeless in their appeal. The Indus Collection celebrates the confident femininity of the global Latique woman. It celebrates you.

The Indus Collection can be seen at the Latique store at The Oberoi, Gurgaon.  

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