Lakmé Fashion Week 2018: Jewellery Designer Radhika Jain To Launch ‘ADI-SHAKTI’ Collection For Women

Radhika Jain, the creative and ingenious jewellery designer from Kolkata behind the MiRA label, is all set to wow the insiders and curious with her fresh collection ‘ADI-SHAKTI’ at the forthcoming Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2018.

This new collection from her treasure trove is eagerly awaited by her fans. The collection is inspired by divine feminine creative power and reflects nature mother in form of flowers and pollens with dew drops. It is that relentless creativity which gives the greatest gift ‘Life’. Strength and softness have played a significant role in her latest collection well depicted with metals and armoured structures. It is that collection from where you can pick everything from original artworks made from synthetic ivory to Bengal’s traditional design patterns.

“This year we dedicate our work to the primal power generating positive energy, to the things emerging from the ultimate bud of womanhood,” said designer when asked about the motivation behind the name ADI-SHAKTI.

“The theme salutes the divine creative feminine power who gives the greatest gift ‘life’. She is the queen of all worlds. She has a heart full of love, care and tolerance but also anger for the evil once depicting there’s an Adi Shakti in every woman. Through our work we are showcasing the essence of womanhood, let’s time travel to the origin of origins searching the divine power in all of us,” added Radhika.

Adi Shakti is a great collection to watch this upcoming Lakmé fashion week, where you can find some traditionally inspired accessories and jewellery. It has been given a contemporary twist for women regardless of age who aspire to be independent, creative and stick to the grain of feminine power. The designs are carved out of brass and copper.

Radhika also spoke in length about an impact of this collection, “This collection supports and respects woman power and being a woman myself I feel privileged and have started respecting myself more as I totally believe the most important factor to gain respect and recognition is to first respect yourself.”

“ADI-SHAKTI” is curated with traditional jewellery giving contemporary twist for women of all age groups who aspire to independent, creative and at the same time deeply feminine, added designer.


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