Key Menswear Trends From Milan and Paris 2018

The high-fashion shows have wrapped up leaving notes of trends and lingering questions that comes up every year whether the designs were too casual, and whether the fashion should avoid using fur and embrace more sustainable methods. The game of high-fashion shows us a glimpse of future (I think I stretched the idea) and possible alternatives that could bring a sea change in the industry.

The autumn/winter 2018 menswear shows have brought to us some creative energy and engaging trends which we can easily skip for the better season. Here, we narrow down some renewed and high fashion trends from Milan and Paris 2018:


Frank Navin
The colour has long evoked a sense of reliance and durability. This colour was everywhere during the 2018 mens’s shows. Frank Navin showed what a super long brown colour can do when paired with contrasting polka dots yellow tie. In Paris and Milan, the shade was peppered in accessories, from Armani’s bags to Craig Green’s bum bags. At Louis Vuitton show in Paris, the colour was set as a theme for the wild-west like show while at Ermenegildo Zegna, top coats in rich chocolate shades were all derived from natural ingredients and even matched the accessories.



Prada is the darling of fashion when it comes to the idea of nylon. The renewed designs from 90s introduced the guests with blue jackets though at Marni’s it was much more about quilted jackets. Even the introduction at Prada’s project showcased “approaches that investigate the poetic, technical and aesthetic aspect of nylon”.



They are everywhere, from shoes designs to super overcoats. They reflect a sense of bold and brightness. Checkered patterns are high in fashion and were everywhere at shows varying from low-key tones at Kenzo to brilliant shades at Versace.

Leather Coats

Leather Coat

Prada makes autumn wear comfortable with this knee-length coat. Another strong statement from menswear shows at AW18 were belts, seen at Missoni and Issey Miyake. The oversized, long coats with different patterns and belted robe were also shown at Balenciaga earlier at men’s pre-fall collection which only concludes that these long coats have still lot to offer.


Long jumpers have always been a huge hit piece of knitwear. The fall shows were all peppered with goalposts jumpers and cashmere pinstripes jumpers. They are the ones to own, with their Boho chic look and well attired, the combination was perfectly showcased at Hermès In Paris.

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