The Indian – American Entrepreneur Transforming The Pregnancy Fashion With Saris

Could it be any more inventive? 

The maternity fashion is at a stage from where it can only get more complicated, as any pregnant woman will tell you, finding a perfect balance for maternity wear is a brainstorm challenge. And by maternity wear, I do not mean asymmetrical hemlines, colour-blocking tops or thicker fabrics but knowing the art of sari draping to own that maternity style. The perceived lack of glamour about saris in the society only generates more anxiety among pregnant women. What if there is one promising brand, slowly giving reasons to pregnant women’s needs? A cure for uncertainty.

With the emergence of label, Janam Maternity Saris and Beyond, which features maternity saris and blouses, nursing apparel, and two-step saris, it seems that this brand was just what pregnant women needed: To be told by some one or something that wearing saris can be easily sorted out during pregnancy. And that someone would be Parul Das, an Indian American attorney entrepreneur, who instantly sensed the need of bringing saris in maternity movement.

Brand ranges primarily includes full belly panel maternity sari with a sleeveless blouse. This sari is pre-pleated with a petticoat stitched into the skirt, which is attached to an expandable belly panel. The belly panel begins beneath the belly to allow for breathability and comfort when sitting, standing, walking, and even leisurely lounging on a chaise. “You just flip it on like skirt, so it’s fast and comfortable while maintaining the appearance of a perfectly draped sari,” Das was quoted as saying to India-West. “It’s a similar version of western maternity pants with a belly band. “I have two options and I am working on the third.”

The Texas-based entrepreneur says that a lot of third trimester moms prefer the full belly panel because they want the feeling of support and cover. The blouses are created with stretched satin fabrics and include zippers on both sides to allow the mom-to-be to get comfortable in and out of the blouse.

Das, a mother of two, says that moms prefer the short-sleeved full-length maternity blouse and the full belly panel maternity sari as they are perfect for the postpartum coverage. Anarkali gowns are favourite of nursing moms as snap-up nursing access are available. Nursing apparel also includes snap-up blouses, halter blouses, and choli nursing blouses. Moms also get the part to play designer with full customisation of saris and blouses.

Recalling how she struck upon this idea, Das said that she was exhausted by her nursing friend’s situation when they were required to show up to an event in a sari. This was also a very tiring process as her friends complained that if there was a wedding in the family, they would start weaning their babies early. “That kind of broke my heart. Breastfeeding is great and if you are able to do it and doing it and not have a wedding interrupt it,” Das told India-West.  Das, who had spent her over seven years practicing healthcare and employment litigation with a law firm based in The Woodlands, Texas, immediately came down to business, with a prototype. For her first prototype, she herself gave it a try to a wedding which had been given a professional look by seamstress. Das, who currently handles trademark, business, and hospitality related matters, said that the price range ($450 onwards) are bending towards the expensive side and she is trying to reason an affordable price point.

“The designer I’m working with is used to very high-end clients,” she said. “So, our first round of saris is made with georgettes, expensive fabrics, because we were creating a more traditional look that women can wear consistently throughout time,” she said.
“The amount of labour..they are sewing in the belly panel, they are sewing in the pleats. It takes longer than usual,” she added.

Das also said that she is trying to make maternity wear sari relatable for the younger generation as she is adding a two-step sari in the brand range. She recently showcased her maternity sari collection at a South Asian Bridal Show, where the two-step sari aroused the interest of several brides-to-be who wanted them for their bridesmaids.


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