How to Master Deepika Padukone’s Classic Bun Look

The most generously compensated performer of Bollywood, Deepika Padukone never neglects to establish a connection with her style. Aside from her stylish outfits, the top rated Bollywood diva likewise figures out how to inspire us with her hairdos and make-up looks.

If you follow her, you would realize that she for the most part dons the exemplary bun. The haircut may appear to be hard to interpret, yet it can be effortlessly done by following a couple of easy steps.

Below are the steps you can follow to get the same classic bun look.

Step 1: For this hair style, you would need to straighten your hair. Apply a heat protectant and steam press your hair and make a centre of side separating utilizing a tail brush.

Stage 2: Once you’ve made a partition, maneuver back your hair into a low pony at the scruff of your neck. Utilize a reasonable flexible band so it’s not seen to others.

Stage 3: Now, make the bun by turning the ponytail around the base of the pony. Secure the bun by sticking it by pins. To get that additional shine, spritz some sparkling hair spray.

On the off-chance that you need a major bun, you can likewise include a hair doughnut on the pony and wrap the hair around it to get that huge bun look.


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