House of Blondie Recreating Vintage Fashion with Modern Touch

There is no denial to the fact that the Vintage fashion is blooming again. From clothes to furniture, the rise of retro look can be seen around. Kareena Vinaik, a Domus Academy graduate smelled the market well and has taken her love of fashion to the next level by opening a brand new store, House of Blondie in Shahpur Jat, New Delhi. However, it has been established in the year, 2011 the inspiration came from the Debbie Harry’s Rocker Chic Vintage Style.

House of Blondie is India’s First Vintage Inspired Fashion Store. With some modern vintage concept, the store houses some exquisite pieces, curated and designed by the in house designers. With a special focus on the latest trends in fashion, the clothing line and accessories makes sure it touches the modern edge with a sparkle of vintage.

From the signature John Lennon trademarked sunglasses to moustache rings and watches, the store is described as the lovechild between Chanel and H&M.  Kareena and her partner curate their pieces and store to give them an utterly modern feeling. 

When deciding to open the store, Kareena took her newfound Domus Academy knowledge to heart. From the combination of Clothing and accessories, we have digged out some of the best pieces from the online store. Have a look:

Chick Plaid Wide Jump Suit (Price – Rs 2,100)

Knot Front Top With Pants Set (Price – Rs 3,200)

Single Breasted Drawstring Waist Pocket Side Dress (Price – Rs 1,890)

Tassel Detail Straw Crossbody Bag (Price – Rs 2,500)

House of Blondie Retro Ball Party Time Earrings. (Price – Rs 699)

Black Lenses Cat Eye Metal Frame Sunglasses (Price – Rs 1290)

Double Triangle Pendant Layered Chain Necklace (Price – Rs 990)

Multi Shaped Funky Ring Set 5pcs (Price – Rs 799)

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