Harley Davidson Fashion Stores To Come Up In Imphal, Siliguri And Kolkata

The first thing that most the fashion and high-end retail brands do is to set up stores in Metro cities, however the cult motorcycle maker Harley-Davidson has chosen the North East States to open its brand stores in India.

Harley-Davidson has chosen Imphal, Siliguri to launch two stores to sell Harley-Davidson apparel and merchandise. Harley-Davidson will not sell the bikes from these stores. The third store will come up in Kolkata as per the plans.

“The North East is not only a hub for trendy fashion but also has the maximum number of motorcycle chapters in the country,” said Jean-Pascal Salvaj, VP (wholesale – Asia) for GIII, a company that has a comprehensive portfolio of over 30 licensed and proprietary brands, including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Karl Lagerfeld and Levi’s. “Northeastern men and women have music and fashion in their blood stream. We feel this market has huge potential for a brand like Harley-Davidson and its new fashion line and concept store licensed out to GIII.

We chose to start the journey from North East as it is the most fashionable part of India. We are focused on opening 13 exclusive Harley-Davidson apparel stores this year across India.”

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