Our hope Is To Create An Experience: Sulagna Kapoor On Her New Venture ‘GoPursu’

GoPursu is a brand of highly acclaimed collection of ladies clutches and handbags. These products are exclusively designed for a superior quality, fascinating colors, and latest designs. Fashgoupe got in touch with Sulagna Kapoor, the co-founder of GoPursu.

After a long career in the corporate industry spanning 15 years, Sulagna refocused her attention to raising a family. The itch, however, to fulfil her career dreams lingered. When Sulagna and her sister, Debsena Chakraborty, noticed a dearth of exclusive women’s accessories that are comfortable, unique and reasonably priced, a business was born.

For the pocket, the quality, and the design, GoPursu fulfils a unique niche for a mid- to high-end Indian clientele. Founding and running a new business in a saturated industry, however, comes with its own challenges. In an exclusive interview, Sulagna shares the turmoil in dealing with the needs of a fast changing industry. With a turn around time of 30 days from the ramp to store, Sulagna and Debsena have to plan seasons in advance to be able to serve their clients. “It is not a choice anymore. This dynamic space needs careful planning, research and attention,” says Sulagna. She believes that the key to success of GoPursu lies in understanding the mindset of Indian people. Indian fashion market has needs that might require different products than the global market.

‘We think differently, we feel differently,’ Sulagna Kapoor, Co-founder, GoPursu

Hear Sulagna Kapoor share her challenges thus far and what inspires her to continue striding in this video interview with Fashgroupe.
GoPursu’s latest Monsoon Collection of accessories is now live on their website!

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