For The Times You Feel Something Is Missing… Shades of India Introduces a Delightful Collection of Buttons That Will Steal Your Heart Away!

It was like any other day for Radhika. Her Kurta finely pressed, bag neatly set and the driver waiting at the porch. “A last glimpse in the mirror and I’ll be good to go” she said to herself. As she looked at her reflection, she paused. Something felt wrong. Not wrong, but missing. Even though everything looked perfect, but it seemed incomplete.  She felt strong and beautiful but not content.

Radhika checked her watch, 9:25, not enough time to think of a new ensemble and dashing towards the door she planned to leave half-heartedly. As she passed her side table, there fell a charm– a cloth pendant she was gifted by a local artisan in Jodhpur. Laxmi aunty’s specially sew that for her as she talked about the days when she was young and how her maa taught her to make those pieces. Radhika didn’t need much time to decide. As she put the necklace on, there appeared a smile that beautifully complemented her look. That small piece of accessory had tied the whole look together. That day now, was no more like ‘any other day’.

In a world of variety, we all have had a Radhika moment– being in a perpetual dilemma of ‘Something is missing’ and losing to it, never knowing what actually is. Shades of India has the perfect answer to it; ‘For the times you feel something is missing, all you need is a small thing created with great Love!’

Inspired by the magnitude of how a small piece of accessory can take a look to a whole new level Shades introduces a delightful collection of buttons that will steal your heart away! A brooch has always been an ordinary accessory with an extra-ordinary charm and we have added one more ingredient to it– love.

Exclusively handcrafted by our in-house craftsmen, these assortments of lively embellishments not only celebrate fashion but also the rich artistry India holds. Beautified with a medley of stitches hand embroidered on silk and in colours ranging from delightful neons to toned down subtle silver greys and tea, these brooches are a perfect combination of stylish and quirky. Seamlessly blending with any look yet standing out, these colourful tchotchkes bring a whole look together and lift up your mood and look in no time.

Being incredibly versatile, these multi-purpose buttons can be sported in various ways. Pin it on a casual t-shirt to give a quirky flavour or break the monotony of your saree with a colourful touch. Drape a scarf into a knot and pin a button to highlight it or pin it to your bag to add a colourful texture. With these buttons you have all the freedom to style yourself ‘your own way’ and just like Radhika, you’re good to go!


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