Dare To Wear: French Fashion House Sends Models Down The Runway Wearing NAKED Wedding Dress

Even the regulars at the event who often seen snuggling down to a live runway shows would have found it difficult to digest what they saw this time at Paris Fashion Week. There was no escaping after they entered in what was later dubbed as pretty odd. They were welcomed with a bizarre gown by the French fashion house On Aura Tout Vu, a part of their 2018 Spring/Summer collection.

It sounds exciting when one name a designer’s gown but this one might be a cut out for making the least effort to recognise the model’s modesty. The sheer lace, floor-length white frock leaves her naughty bits exposed and did little to cover them. Though, the silver, beaded bodice had a bit more substance to it.

The gown also featured sheer sleeves coupled with an equally strange headpiece not similar to but quite reminiscent of Femi Taylor from the Return of the Jedi. The gown was also embellished with tall white feathers and some kind of strange long train.

The collection presented another gown which more or less had the same traits but this time created an illusion of nakedness as an alternative to full-on flash. The shoulder pads and a feather skirt added more to this illusion.

This could be dubbed as a confused stroke from the Fashion house which otherwise would have been approached as a serious art.


Photo Courtesy: The Sun

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