Canadian Designer Drops Limited-Edition Printed Dastars, Trendy Singh

Canadian designer Jennifer Nguyen is training the spotlight on its collaboration with photographer Anoop Brar for her first unconventional custom dastar (Sikh turban) company – Trendy Singh, a venture which she launched this summer in Calgary city and what has already become a fashion forward moment for the Sikh community. Touted as pioneer of dastars of Sikh chic in Canada, Trendy Singh features an array of options with turbans in compound textures and prints in floral, camo and static designs.

This new line of designed dastars also got an able support from the newly elected leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP), Jagmeet Singh in October while his brother Gurratan Singh, modelled for the fashion line.

When asked about the outset and the inspirations for the designs, the Calgary based Vietnamese-Canadian designer said that she was heavily  influenced by the values of Sikhism and from there she sourced the idea of combining arts with dastars. In addition to her all new range of designer dastars, she recently introduced accessories collection ranging from cufflinks to collar studs, each marked
with a Sikh-related motif.

The 32-year- old designer said that she wanted to use this art form as a conversation starter. “It’s something that can create a conversation,” she was quoted as saying by Hindustan Times.

“Fashion is a good medium, and not threatening people. I feel like it breaks a barrier, though some people say it’s disrespectful,” Nguyen said over religious concern still lingering on in Canada.

Furthermore, Nguyen revealed that while going through a personal tragedy, she was introduced to Gurudwara by few friends. After finding a sense of comfort, she embraced the community and from there, it became a part of her life, leading to the launch of Trendy Singh.

Retaining the tenets of Sikhism, Trendy Singh profits are earmarked for Sikh non-profit organisations like Khalsa Aid and Nanak Naam. Focusing on taking the trend to the United States and the United Kingdom, Nguyen said that Trendy Singh is definitely on line to set its foot in India. Trendy Singh fabrics are sourced from India, where its designs are developed and curated by traditional craftsmen in Rajasthan.

Image Credit: Popxo

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