Bishamber Das – The Champion Of Plus Size Modelling Wants Women To Be More Confident In Their Bodies

Bishamber Das is an Indian plus size model who has held the flag high for plus size modelling in global markets like UK where she currently resides.

What is special of her achievement is that she is Britain’s first youngest Asian magistrate judge. She is still works as a professional and pursues modelling as her passion purely to educate and raise awareness that beauty comes in many sizes. India, which for some strange reason has a fascination with size zero bodies, Das comes as an inspiration who not only has excelled in plus size modelling but is on mission to tell aspirational models across the globe and specially the Indians to love the body that they have as it is.

Over the email, Fashgroupe`s editor asked Bishamber Das some seriously funny questions that she has answered with some elan

Do you remember what was your first modeling assignment?

My first modeling assignment was with a reputable brand in the UK called Yours clothing. I have a great relationship with them and admire them for always showcasing real women and more realistic body shapes. We need to see this more across mainstream media around the world.

How comfrtable are you in your body and where does the confidence comes from specially in an industry which is obsessed with petite models

Confidence is all about balance, I am not an influencer who believes in forcing confidence onto a person. As thankful I am such a movement has come about its also so easy to constantly feel that all you have to do is be happy and confident all the time. I am only human, like every other I have my down days, I have my own insecurities. The most important thing is to know that nothing is permanent. Just like your happy days don’t stay forever neither will your moments of doubt. The Only person in your journey that truly matters is you so concentrate on being the best version of you.

What do you have to say to reports that say plus sized models are promoting or accepting obesity or that plus sized models are not healthy?

I really struggle with this question. What is the purpose of asking such a question? To further body shame an individual? We all talk about health as if we are qualified medical experts. Why do people find me loving myself such a threat? Why do people care if I eat one more extra pizza slice than them?

We all talk about death and how being overweight will kill you, does that mean thin people don’t have any health complications for e.g? Just because you don’t see high blood pressure, diabetes and depression it does not mean it don’t exists. These can be causes of death too and this can happen to anyone regardless of your weight.

What advice do you have to women who are struggling with their self-confidence?

The time I was at my lowest I looked around me to see what was it about my own behavior making me feel this way. I soon realized I was constantly looking for approval from others to validate me. Why would I put the key of my happiness into the hands of others? It’s my responsibility to take that control back and that’s exactly what I did. I have finally after many years found a peaceful place in my heart and soul in regards to my own beauty. by beauty I do not mean by external beauty, but the beauty within I hold, my deeds and the karma I create by doing small actions by supporting and helping others.

Give us 5 words that describe your personality?

Loud, caring, loving, possessive, opinionated.

What`s the most important thing that you want to change in the current fashion industry 

The fashion industry worldwide has come on in leaps and bounds; I want to see more change in my country India. We see amazing platforms like Lakhme Fashion week giving their platforms to amazing up coming designers and existing established fashion labels. When will we see plus size women walking mainstream shows? When will I see more leading roles for plus size woman in Bollywood films?

When you are not modeling, what are your favorite things to do?

I love being around my loves ones. Nothing beats family time.

What are your goals for 2018?

I’ve been kicking ass since 1986, and that I will continue doing.


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