After Yoga, PM Narendra Modi Is All Set To Take Khadi Abroad

Khadi will soon become the biggest export to the world. Endorsed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, sales of khadi have speeded by 34 percent in the last three years, the fastest it has grown since 1947 when Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) first started selling the desi khaddar.

High streets of Dubai, Chicago, Mauritius and Johannesburg may soon showcase khadi as the next big fashion find. And its endorsement as an environment-friendly fabric may come from no less than the United Nations. Our very own Indian handspun fabric is set to get a global makeover, similar to a dramatic rise in India over the last three years.

According to a survey by Synergy Foundations-Impact beyond Border, khadi is an indigenous Indian product after yoga, as also it is an item second most associated to India by non-Indians. The Narendra Modi government is trying to cash in on this craze and take khadi across borders as India tries to sell its soft power on the international stage.

To start with, the ministry is meeting representatives from across the world in an exhibition at the capital this month end. The agenda is not just to pitch khadi to them as a business proposition, but to sell the idea of khadi as the cloth of India. Through this new branding or marketing techniques it seems that all the ‘desi-khadi’ brands of India will soon be celebrating its enormous business growth.

Apart from FabIndia and our very own Khadi India, some of the new brands that are promoting the khadi touch are: Maati Crafts, Runaway Bicycle, Anita Dongre Grassroot, Brass Tacks, Nicobar, The Pot Plant, Bunosilo, Nature Alley, Malkha and many more.


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