5 Fashion Films Worth Your Time

Idealised visions of moving images, shifting shapes and repeated use of a slow motion image: the tools with which documentary fashion films are now penetrating our realm of senses. These films are now focusing on the factual representation of behind-the-scenes, processes while making a fashion. The world of fashion film is growing and, so with them the fashion film festivals. From La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival to Lakme fashion Week, the fashion film world is attracting legions and increasingly becoming a narrative for designers to enable and extend the position for their brands.

So, in spirit of the fashion films, here is a collection of some of the best documentary fashion films which I have seen over the years and are worth watching.

The ‘Sin Nombre’ director, Cary Fukunaga’s film for luxury brand Maiyet’s resort collection 2013 had just all. One could even take it for a romantic trailer. Beautifully shot and composed, this film is easily and amazingly the best intimate and beautiful film.

#Betrue collection. By Daisy Zhou for Nike’s equality video is an iconinc tribute to the LGBTQ community. Starring the wonder woman of Vogue, Leiomy Maldonado, and powerful voiceover by Precious Angel Ramirez, this film stands for pride.

Manish Arora’s “Holi Holy” film won the ‘Best Sound’, ‘Grand Prix’ and ‘Best Emerging Talent Prize’ at 2013 ASVOFF, a website dedicated for fashion films. Well conceptualized, this poetic tale covers the timeless Varanasi city.

Infinte path by Francesco Torricella is a visual treat. Blended with colors and different themes, this film is a tutorial on how to create effects with images. Created for Etro, this film won the best visual effects category at La Jolla International Fashion Film Festival.

This Mitesh Lodhia film won the top prize at Lakme Fashion Week 2015. Inspired by artisans of India, this slow motion image film is legacy collection of menswear. 

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